Baldo Sanso Soccer Youngest Athlete - Provides An Outline

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With broad expertise in finance, law, and public and international matters, Baldo Sanso has worked as a consultant, negotiator, and lawyer in Italy, Venezuela, and the United States. Baldo Sanso obtained a law degree and three Master's degrees, studying in Caracas, nyc, and Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Baldo Sanso began his extensive schooling in baldo sanso rondon the Universidad Central de Venezuela. For the following six years, he studied within the faculty of Political Science and Law of the university. There, he obtained a Master in Financial Law and Taxation. He specialized in international economics, cost-benefit analysis, regression analysis, and corporate strategy.

Baldo Sanso returned to Venezuela and served as Assistant to both the Minister and President in the Ministry of Energy and Petroleum. He was responsible for managing command procedures for the state's gasoline and petroleum reservoirs at Petroleos de Venezuela, S.A., as well as handling mergers and acquisitions. During his tenure at PDVSA, he managed the Carabobo Project, a multi-billion-dollar initiative to develop the Orinoco oil belt.

From 1996 to 1997, Sanso served as an in house legal counsel for the Andean Economic Development Corporation (CAF). He worked as financial analyst and an attorney at KPMG Corporate Finance in Caracas spending the following six years working in Rome and Milan for Bain & Company.

In his spare time, Baldo Sanso enjoys rock climbing, playing soccer, and kitesurfing. He is fluent in English trilingual, Spanish, and Italian.

Description: Soccer Player Baldo Sanso loves rock climbing, playing soccer, and kitesurfing. He is fluent in English, trilingual, Spanish, and Italian.